Disney's Fantasy Land Expansion









Discover more immersive enchantment—and more interactive experiences—at New
Fantasyland, opening in phases beginning spring 2012 for the largest expansion in Magic
Kingdom history! Upon completion, Fantasyland will nearly double in size—so you can
look forward to extensive additions of fantasy and fun for the entire family.

The expansion provides more Disney characters and stories—presented in rich detail—in
2 new themed areas: Storybook Circus and Fantasyland Forest. The first elements of
Storybook Circus will open in spring 2012, marking the first in a series of progressive

Storybook Circus — Opening in Phases Beginning Spring 2012

Step right up to the classic American circus! Inspired by the Disney animated feature
Dumbo, Storybook Circus transports Guests to another era—a period in time when the
colorful big-top tents attracted audiences from far and wide with astonishing stunts,
majestic animals and spectacular entertainment.

Beginning in spring 2012, you can delight in the following Storybook Circus attractions:

Upon completion, Storybook Circus will be filled with multicolored circus tents and other
nods to Dumbo—so you can feel like you're a part of this cherished film.

Fantasyland Forest — Opening in Phases Beginning Late 2012

Later in the New Fantasyland expansion, you can look forward to meeting some of your
favorite Disney princesses in Fantasyland Forest, an area inspired by the Disney films
The Little Mermaid
and Beauty and the Beast. You'll find interactive attractions, 2 majestic
castles, a quaint village, waterfalls and more—all nestled within the lush foliage of
Fantasyland Forest.