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Height Requirement: 40 inches (102cm) or taller

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Splash Mountain, a popular flume ride at Magic Kingdom theme park, offers big thrills to
big kids, teens and adults.

On Splash Mountain, Gotta Be Movin' On

Say goodbye to Br'er Rabbit; he's leaving his home in search of a little more adventure,
a bit of fortune and his laughing place—where he can live the life that suits him best.

Watch as he outwits Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox, escapes their clutches and slips out of sticky
situations. Plummet into dark caves and tumble over gentle waterfalls… until Br'er Rabbit's
taunting catches up to him—and he's finally caught!

From the confines of Br'er Fox's cave at the top of Chickapin Hill on Splash Mountain, Br'er
Rabbit tricks Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox one more time. Don't throw me down, down, down
into the briar-brimmed pond, he pleads. Anyplace but there!

Of course, this is exactly what they do. Follow him as he plummets over the mountain
peak on a 5-story (52.5 feet) fall that ends in a massive splashdown into the refreshing
pond: Br'er Rabbit's home, his laughing place.

After this ultimate plunge, drift past more southern critters aboard a lively Mississippi
riverboat. Sing along with them, for it's a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day! Everyone has a
Laughing Place—maybe Splash Mountain is yours.

The Backstory

The wise Br'er Frog has a premonition: if Br'er Rabbit leaves his comfortable briar-patch
home on Splash Mountain—protected by the prickly plants and dense, thorny vines—he'll
be caught by Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox for sure!

Br'er Frog's words don't stop Br'er Rabbit from movin' on. Join him on his journey around
and through Splash Mountain.

Will You Get Wet?

The twists, turns and 3 dips that lead to the grand drop down 5 stories of rushing water
will either get you damp or drenched. If soaked is your goal, request a seat in the front
or sit on the right side of the hollowed-out log.

Other Disney Mountains

One of 3 Magic Kingdom "mountain" attractions, Splash Mountain shares its big thrill
classification with Space Mountain and its location in the Frontierland area with the
mild but wild Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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