Disney Peter Pans Flight at Magic Kingdom Park








Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Height Requirement: Any Height
Fun for Everyone






Fly over London in a pirate galleon to far-off Never Land on Peter Pan's Flight, located
in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom theme park.

Take a seat in an aerial galleon, get doused with pixie dust by Tinker Bell and sail out
of the Darling children's home and into the glittery lights of moonlit London! You'll soar
over the famous sights of Big Ben, London Bridge and more. You can even see the tiny
headlights of automobiles twinkling far below.

As music from Disney's classic 1953 film Peter Pan swells, you descend to wondrous
Never Land Island. Soon, you'll be sweeping past the Lost Boys camp, Mermaid Lagoon
and Skull Rock. Watch as Peter Pan valiantly faces off against Captain Hook aboard the
captain's grand pirate ship to save Wendy and her brothers.

It's a whimsical journey that you'll want to never end!

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