Disney Mad Tea Party at Magic Kingdom Park








Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Height Requirement: Any Height
Fun for Everyone
Fun for Little Ones






Mad Tea Party is a giant tea cup ride that spins big kids, teens and adults in circles
at Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom theme park.

Take a giant tea cup out for a spin! Pour yourself into one of 18 colorful oversized tea
cups and feel like you've entered Wonderland for a colorful, musical party ride that is
sure to send you spinning.

Enjoy wide, gradual turns as you glide along or go on a wild, dizzying madcap adventure
that spins you frantically round and round in circles. Each tea cup ride vehicle has a
wheel in the center that lets you control how fast your cup spins. The faster you turn
the wheel, the faster you spin!

This wonderfully wacky tea party is right out of The Mad Hatter and the March Hare's
"Unbirthday" party from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. It will have you dizzy with laughter!

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