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Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Liberty Square

Height Requirement: Any Height
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Liberty Square Riverboat is an authentic 3-tiered paddlewheel steamship journey that
circles the Rivers of America at Magic Kingdom theme park for a scenic, half-mile tour
of Frontierland, Liberty Square and Tom Sawyer Island.

Board and depart the boat at the Colonial-American-inspired Liberty Square Riverboat
Landing near The Hall of Presidents, and enjoy the recorded narration delivered in the
voice of iconic American author Mark Twain throughout your journey.

There is plenty of interesting scenery along the way, including the Splash Mountain
plunge, riders enjoying a whirl around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, woodland animals,
a burning cabin, hints of river pirates, Native American villagers and finally an eerie
riverside manor that casts an ominous shadow alongside the shore—The Haunted Mansion.

Liberty Square Riverboat provides a great opportunity to rest your feet and enjoy a bit
of relaxation during a busy day of exploring Magic Kingdom theme park. However, it
offers much more than a break from the action. Especially on the heavily-wooded
backbend of the river, past Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the experience truly feels
like you've entered another place and time.

The Liberty Belle

The attraction is named Liberty Square Riverboat, but the ship itself is named the Liberty
Belle. While the ship looks straight out of the 19th century, it was actually built in a dry
dock on Disney property for the 1971 opening of Walt Disney World Resort.

The 17-minute trip is around Tom Sawyer Island; the Liberty Belle is a faithful reproduction
of the highly ornate vessels that proudly ferried people and cargo up and down the mighty Mississippi River. An actual working steam engine turns the massive paddlewheel that
propels the ship forward.

Travel back to the past while moving full steam ahead on Liberty Square Riverboat!

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