Disney's Haunted Masion at Magic Kingdom Park








Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Liberty Square

Height Requirement: Any Height
Fun for Everyone
Mild but Wild Rides






The Haunted Mansion is a spooky tour of an ominous haunted house in Liberty Square at
Magic Kingdom theme park
, where a supernatural Ghost Host introduces you to his closest
999 dearly-departed friends.

Don't worry—too much. While Haunted Mansion contains some mildly frightening subject
matter, there is no gore, the ghostly residents are friendly and the experience is appropriate
for all ages.

Enter the mysteriously well-maintained exterior of an 18th-century mansion and find
yourself in an ornate estate where anything can happen—and often does. Walking past the
entrance foyer and into the ghostly portrait chamber, the air cools and the sense of dread
begins to grow. Suddenly, you realize that you are in a room with no windows and no doors!

Moving along, you board a "Doom Buggy" and begin your supernatural journey. Your Ghost
Host takes you through several dusty rooms, where you can see eerie signs of ethereal
awakening. Soon, you encounter the mansion's resident medium, Madame Leota, who
invokes the mansion's ghost and ghouls to show themselves.

What follows has to be seen to not be believed, but suffice to say that you've never before
seen the dead so lively. The conclusion is definitely more merry than scary, but the sight
of wraiths and skeletons—even of the kindest constitution—is something you're sure to
remember as long as you live.

And maybe a bit longer.

At the end of your tour, to help you remember your visit to the mansion, a team of 3
cheery hitchhiking ghosts volunteer to follow you home. It's no use trying to dissuade them;
they're deadly serious about their duty.

The Haunted Mansion is the imposing colonial manor darkening the eastern banks of the
Rivers of America in the northwest corner of Liberty Square.

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