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Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Height Requirement: 40 inches (102cm) or taller
Thrill Rides
Mild but Wild Rides






Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a rollicking runaway train of a roller coaster that
rushes through the gold-mining town of Tumbleweed in the Frontierland area at
Magic Kingdom theme park.

A ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad provides mild but wild thrills to those aboard—
from big kids and teens to adults not up for the really big thrills found on the other 2
Magic Kingdom "mountain" attractions: Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.

But this ain't no kiddie coaster either. Climb aboard, partners, and you'll be warned to
"hang onto your hats and glasses 'cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness."

Listen to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad wheels chug-chug, then ratchet and race
across seemingly rickety tracks. Swoop around sweeping turns and tear up rolling hills
that dip or drop into canyons and caverns, slip under a booming waterfall or swish through
the ribs of a dinosaur skeleton.

The steam whistle blows-another curve is coming up Better hold on!

And keep your eyes open, there are spectacular sights through the Big Thunder Mountain
Railroad gold-mining camp and cactus-scattered desertscape. Be on a lookout for critters.
A bleating billy goat guards a mountain peak. A family of opossums hangs overhead at the
entrance to a cave. Bats, chickens and donkeys complete the Old Western-themed scenes.

Thar's Gold in the Big Thunder Mine!

Or there once was, so goes the legend. Gold hounds made a mad rush to the 2.5-acre Big
Thunder Mountain and settled in the town of tumbleweed. Everything was fine as cream
gravy until a flash flood washed over the mountain and ruined any chances of mining more
gold. But this didn't dampen anyone's spirits.

Dismissing the fact the Tumbleweed saloon's in danger of sinking, the townsfolk gather in
their favorite watering hole to cash in their current riches for a raucously good time before
heading for drier digs.

Wait, not everyone's here. Have you seen Cousin Ed? There he goes! Clad in his longjohns,
he's caught up in the flood and is spinning through the waters while sitting in his bathtub.
Doesn't he look surprised!

The other big surprise for the town is that the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad trains that
transported the gold ore from mining sites to the town have developed a mind of their
own and they're running loose on the tracks—climb aboard!

For some added fun, take a ride in the daylight, then again under the night sky. You might
catch something you didn't see or hear with each trip you take on Big Thunder Mountain

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