DISNEY'S -Main Street Electrical Parade

Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom Park








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The Return of Main Street Electrical Parade

Returning to Walt Disney World Resort, this favorite parade is more dazzling than ever.
With enhanced lighting technology, like LED and special effects, the glittering procession
lights up Main Street, U.S.A. and makes its way through Magic Kingdom Park.

Tink Leads the Parade
Fun-loving and feisty, Tinker Bell now leads the parade, lighting the way with a wave of
her wand, spreading pixie dust and good cheer. Aboard a new float, she's elevated above an enchanting garden that will "leave" you green with envy. Orchestrating the magic, Tink has generously spread pixie dust to all the floats in the parade, creating a colorful reflection of shimmering fairy light along the way.

New Floats
You'll see new floats making their dazzling debut at Magic Kingdom Park. Inspired by
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," the beloved dwarfs are "off to work," toiling in a
mine, where they may make some glittering discoveries. And harkening back to another
animated classic, Pinocchio and the Pleasure Island boys have yet to learn their lesson
about horsing around and getting into mischief!

Dates and Times
For parade dates and times check the Times Guide, available at the Park entrance, Guest
Relations and most merchandise locations.