DISNEY'S -Dream-Along With Mickey at Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Disney Dream-Along With Mickey at Magic Kingdom Theme Park








Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Live Theater




Dream-Along With Mickey is a musical stage show for all ages at the Castle Stage
in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom theme park.

Mickey invites you to join him and celebrate the magic of dreams at this fun-filled,
dream-inspired musical show where adventure and "happily ever after" come alive right
in front of your eyes. Watch and dance along during this 20-minute, Character-filled
performance that includes appearances from:

But look out! Just as the celebration is getting started, Maleficent from the story of
Sleeping Beauty drops in uninvited, and she's up to no good! Mickey needs your help
to stop Maleficent from turning dreams in nightmares, so don't miss this exciting stage
show and help make wishes come true!