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Attraction at Hollywood Studios

Muppet Vision 3-D







Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park
Height Requirement: Any Height
Category: Fun for Everyone
Fun For Little Ones





Muppet*Vision 3D is a hilarious 3D film experience featuring most of your favorite
Muppets at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.

It's time to play the music! It's time to light the lights! It's time to meet the Muppets—
in 3D tonight!

Step right up and proceed past a bevy of wooden crates and show props into the warehouse
of the Muppet Theater, where some of your favorite Muppet characters—including Rizzo,
Gonzo and Fozzie Bear—interact with you via television monitors during a fun-filled
12-minute pre-show extravaganza. Then, make your way into the 584-seat theater—
designed to look just like the one from the classic television series—and receive your
special 3D glasses for the main show.

As the lights fade and the 17-minute 3D movie begins, stare in amazement as you
suddenly find yourself in the center of the action. Reach out and almost touch Kermit,
Miss Piggy and the gang—seemingly right in front of you—as you take off on a wacky,
behind-the-scenes tour of Muppet Labs. And meet Waldo C. Graphic, the world's first
computer-generated Muppet, as he wreaks havoc on everybody in his path, including
Sam the Eagle, during his patriotic grand finale.

Muppet*Vision 3D features Audio-Animatronics characters that literally bring the house
down around you. Wave hello to the in-theater Muppets—including Statler & Waldorf and
the Swedish Chef—and hum along to the various musical numbers and songs. And don't
be surprised if you find yourself "blown away" by the show's wonder-filled ending!

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