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Spaceship Earth







Location: Epcot Theme Park
Spaceship Earth Pavilion
Height Requirement: Any Height
Category: Fun for Everyone
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Spaceship Earth is a slow-moving 16-minute ride through time and space for Guests
of all ages. Located inside Epcot theme park's spherical icon, the attraction's Audio-
Animatronic scenes depict the stirring story of human connection from the dawn of
recorded time to the 21st century's cyber age.

Bear witness to prehistoric man's first words, behold the hieroglyphics of the ancient
Egyptians, follow the advanced system of roads amidst Rome, and journey through the
Industrial Revolution and the Age of Information.

Over a dramatic 63-piece orchestral and 24-vocal musical score composed by Emmy-
award winner composer Bruce Broughton, famed actress Dame Judi Dench relays the
story of how each generation of mankind has paved the way for the next.

Science fiction author—and Disney fan—Ray Bradbury helped design the geodesic sphere
and pen the original story of the attraction.

Spaceship Earth omnimover vehicles—dubbed time machines—are equipped with
interactive touch screens that ask you how you would like to live, work and play in the
world of tomorrow. Using image capture and face recognition technology, you can then
enjoy a glimpse of your potential future self at the end of the attraction.

After the attraction, be sure to spend time at Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders
of the Future, an interactive play area for Guests of all ages filled with challenging games
and informative displays that showcase the latest technologies in medicine, transportation
and energy management.

Visit Spaceship Earth online for interactive games, fun ways to think green and to learn
how science plays into every Disney theme park attraction.

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