DISNEY'S -Innoventions

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Location: Epcot Theme Park
Future World
Height Requirement: Any Height

Fun for Everyone
Fun For Little Ones







Innoventions is a 2-building pavilion and interactive play space for kids of all ages
where you can imagine, invent, inquire and be inspired while exploring amazing
innovations that make our lives better.

Get a fun lesson in fire safety as you compete against other Guests through the
"most dangerous house in America." Meet your personal investment guide (PIG), who
will lead you to your financial goal. Push the limits of everyday products as you test
their safety (yes, some slamming, smashing and bashing is involved) or create and
experience your very own thrill ride. Around here, a little imagination goes a long
way! Where will yours take you?

Exhibits located at Innoventions East:

Exhibits located at Innoventions West:

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