DISNEY'S -Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Attraction at Epcot®

Journey Into Imagination With Figment







Location: Epcot Theme Park
Imagination! Pavilion
Height Requirement: Any Height
Category: Fun For Little Ones






Tag along with your favorite feisty dragon in Journey Into Imagination With Figment,
an attraction that's fun for little ones in the Imagination! Pavilion in the Future World
area of Epcot theme park.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment begins with an invitation by Chairman
Dr. Nigel Channing to attend an open house event at his prestigious Imagination

Inside his precious sensory labs, Dr. Channing sets out to prove how the 5
senses—sound, sight, smell, touch and taste—capture and control the imagination.
But much to Dr. Channing's chagrin, the playful purple dragon Figment has joined
the tour, too.

Full of mischief and music, Figment derails Dr. Channing's sound experiment,
screws around with the sight chart and causes quite a stink in the Smell Lab.

Taking over the tour, Figment leads you to his whimsical upside-down house
where, from this topsy-turvy perspective, he proves that imagination works
best when set free.


After your Journey Into Imagination With Figment, take your imagination and let it
loose at the ImageWorks. Conduct an orchestra, experiment with lights and video,
make dragons sing, check out the live show Digital Imaging which features the
world's largest digital camera, and explore the interactive stations at "the creative
playground of the future."

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