DISNEY'S -Captain EO starring Michael Jackson

Attraction at Epcot®

Captain EO starring Michael Jackson







Location: Epcot Theme Park
Imagination! Pavilion
Height Requirement: Any Height







The legendary Captain EO starring Michael Jackson returns to Epcot theme park! Join
millions of fans who thrill to the music and be awed by the visual effects magic of some
of the biggest names in Hollywood during this 17-minute interactive film.

Filled with show-stopping musical numbers performed by Michael Jackson, and stunning
special effects orchestrated by executive producer George Lucas and director Francis
Ford Coppola, Captain EO is a sight and sound spectacular with an enduring message.

Screening in the same Imagination! Pavilion theater in which it played from 1986 to 1994,
Captain EO features improved sound, thanks to acoustical enhancements made to the
theater in recent years. Captain EO is filled with unforgettable music and imagery that
will take a new generation of Guests on a journey to the stars.

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