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Mariachi Cobre is a traditional 12-piece Mexican Mariachi band that performs daily in the
Mexico Pavilion at Epcot theme park.

Swing to the rousing sounds of Mariachi Cobre at the festive Plaza de los Amigos market
inside the Mexico Pavilion or in front of the handsome Mayan exterior, and bask in the
traditional musical musings of Jalisco, Mexico.

Mariachi Cobre includes 3 guitarists, 2 trumpet players and 7 violinists who combine to
deliver the warm, rich rhythms of Mexican folkloric music that will sweep your entire
family into a spirit of celebration.

Originally formed in 1971, the line-up has changed over the years. But original founders
Randy Carillo and his brother Stephen have been performing at the Mexico Pavilion since
the opening of Epcot. And they've shared the stage with such luminaries as Linda Ronstadt,
Julio Iglesias and Carlos Santana.

Mariachi Cobre perform at different times throughout the day, so be sure to check the
Times Guide at Epcot to know when they play.