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Nine Dragons Restaurant







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Nine Dragons Restaurant, open for lunch and dinner in the China Pavilion at Epcot
theme park, serves authentic traditional and modern cuisine from across China. Dine in
a contemporary Asian setting rich with cultural and culinary treasures.

The Food

Meals at Nine Dragons begin with a variety of hot and cold appetizers, all of which are
perfect for sharing, including several Dim Sum favorites:

Chinese food is best served family-style. Order a variety of entrees so everyone can
sample all the wonderful flavors.

Entrees include regional specialties such as:

The Decor

Diners are greeted at the entrance by a stunning glass mural of two dragons chasing a
glowing pearl. Extensively updated in 2008 to reflect a mixture of modernism and tradition,
the bright and colorful dining room showcases delicately crafted glass artwork and warm
rosewood wall panels—all accented by the romantic glow of Chinese lanterns.

Request a seat near one of the oversized windows that provides a sweeping view of
World Showcase Lagoon and watch the pedestrians walking the promenade outside.