DISNEY DINING-- Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant

Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant










Yak & Yeti Restaurant provides fine table-service dining during lunch and dinner.
Situated at the base of Mt. Everest in the small town of Anandapur in the Asia area of
Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, this grand old house turned restaurant sets out
adventurous meals of Asian cuisine that combines flavors from China, India and Nepal.

An Eating Expedition at Yak & Yeti Restaurant

The menu at Yak & Yeti Restaurant is comprised of delicacies such as roasted half
duckling with an orange wasabi glaze and—a signature dish—tempura-battered shrimp
dipped in chili plum sauce with coconut-ginger rice.

Hot teas, chilled sake, Asian beers and wine are available as a beverage accompaniment
to your meal at Yak & Yeti Restaurant. The daring might indulge in one of the exotic
specialty drinks from the full-service bar like the Yak Attack, Shanghai Express and
Bonsai Blast.

The children's menu at Yak & Yeti Restaurant offers egg rolls, burgers and a veggie lo
mein—sure to satisfy young adventurers as well as picky eaters.

This restaurant offers a feast to pique your yearning to find the yeti.

The Lure of the Lore at Yak & Yeti Restaurant

Beautifully decorated with Nepalese artistic touches and sand-washed hues, Yak & Yeti
Restaurant features an array of artifacts from the collection "the proprietor" and his
family amassed from their travels across Southeast Asia. Some of these souvenirs
include statues, fine tapestries and 900-pound, gold inlaid silk puppets.

Collect a few trinkets of your own from the Yak & Yeti Restaurant gift shop, which
carries an assortment of regional wares, from incense, sushi plates and fine teapots,
to silk purses and saris.

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe

Adjacent to the Yak & Yeti Restaurant is the Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe, a quick-service
restaurant that offers Safari Amber Ale, and lunch, dinner or snack selections such as
Mandarin chicken salad, kung pao beef and pork egg rolls. Don't forget the dessert:
chocolate cake or mango pie.

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