DISNEY DINING-- Restaurantosaurus

Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Theme Park











Restaurantosaurus features fast-food favorites—hot dogs, burgers, fries, salads—for
lunch and dinner in a dinosaur-centric restaurant adjacent to an ancient archeological
dig site in the DinoLand, U.S.A. area in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

The history of Restaurantosaurus begins with a bunch of young paleontologists
(dinosaur scientists) who came to DinoLand, U.S.A. to study and dig up fossils. In a
flash of student ingenuity, they decided to convert their home into a restaurant to cater
to the tourist trade that grew around their school and dig site.

Unearth your funny bone and be prepared for college pranks that occasionally ensue in
the dining room at Restaurantosaurus. Some students have gone as far as to add their
touches to the interior decorating. Go on an expedition to find the puns in the fun
dinosaur-themed book titles on the shelves and song titles in the juke box. These
students sure like to display their pre-hysteric sense of humor.